Hotmail Sign Up – New Hotmail Account

Are you considering creating a Hotmail account, it will just take a few minutes. You may create in your name a Hotmail account and use it for free email service. Having a single Microsoft Hotmail account, now means you can enjoy Hotmail sign up to access most web-based services is possible such as Xbox Live, instant messaging, Bing, OneDrive, etc. And this is possible to access on devices such as Macs, PCs, iPhones, Smartphones and Android Tablets.

Hotmail Sign Up – A Step by Step Guide

  • Begin by visiting the home page of Hotmail account or click on There is a Hotmail sign up option. In case you are already having a username, you may click the sign in and enter details. Only if you do not have a Hotmail account, you may click on the sign up option.
  • You reach the ‘create an account’ page. Here, you will notice several fields that you need to fill up to create your Hotmail account. There will be few personal details, security information and email address to be filled to make use of the account creation page. First, fill the sign-up page, with personal details and regular security to complete the process. The process includes entering details such as birthday, gender and name.

Hotmail sign up account create

  • There will be a blank space first to enter your first and last name. Observe and fill the spaces correctly.
  • The next box will ask for the username. You may key in and if you find the username already exists, you will receive prompts to use another username.
  • You will notice next to the username field, there is another box and you opt for option if you wish to have your username readable as
  • On entering the username, the next field is the password option. Remember to create a strong password bearing 8 characters. Make sure to include alphabets in lower and uppercase and include a number to make the password really strong.

Hotmail Registration Process Continues

  • Key in your phone number and also the alternate email address in the provided spaces to secure your Hotmail account. This helps even if you lose your password and are unable to access your Hotmail account.

Hotmail phone number

  • Besides, you must choose a security question given and key in an answer having 5 characters length at least.
  • The next fields relate to your region or country, the zip code, your birth month, date and year and gender.
  • After all these fields, you receive a captcha code at the end of the process. This is done to confirm you are not a robot signing an account and are very much a human.

Hotmail enter characters

  • Once done, click on create account and complete the registration step.

Hotmail Login – How to Secure Hotmail Email?

There are many ways to sign into the account. You may type the Hotmail domain address or log through the MSN website. Alternatively, you may log in through or Live mail domain. Hotmail exists and so people having their existence can now feel happy as Hotmail sign up and login will offer more features.

As MSN upgraded Hotmail into a web-based email service, there is no difference between and There are changes and people fear as they get used to using a typical inbox. However, Hotmail users can be assured that there are Hotmail sign up and sign in changes introduced in the interface and page layout and it requires basic information such as login details and you can have the same emails as earlier.

The new added features as a security layer help if you forget your password. Now, MSN has added security measures and has made the interface intuitive, keeping with changing requirements of users.

Two step verification process

This is a two-step process of verification introduced and Hotmail users may follow the process:

  • Users must key in their password same as the Hotmail sign in the account as the first setup process.
  • You must give your phone number and alternate email address as verification second setup process.

On opting for this verification process and keying in your password, you receive a code to your phone number that you have given as the second step and this should be entered.

Hotmail Sign in Account

Hotmail sign up is a simple process and is not time-consuming. The feature of two-step verification from Microsoft ensures enhanced security measures. This security aspect requires you to enter the same ID to log into the main services in Xbox Live, Windows phone, SkyDrive, instant messenger and other services. It may appear tedious to verify the code or type the password, but this is essential to keep your accounts secure from hackers. Now, you can sign in here.

Hotmail Features and Benefits

The internet in all our lives has a very important role and is a popular function or feature that refers to the connectivity. Staying connected or updated is possible through email accounts. Of course, nowadays, besides going through emails, people are involving in many more activities such as downloading songs, videos and music, online shopping, video conferencing and video calls.

Hotmail is the premier email services offering web based free mail application allowing people to enjoy free mail services.  Initially, Microsoft bought Hotmail. Later, it became a part of the MSN services that it came to be known as MSN Hotmail. With Windows launching, it was known as Windows Live Hotmail that any user could access the Hotmail account with page layout changes.

The features and benefits of Hotmail are many and are an integral part of the Hotmail accounts. Regardless of the domain you can login into the Hotmail account as it remains the same. There is an added benefit and that is the expanded storage capacity available now to users, while the features that are also the benefits to users include:

  • It provides enhanced security features.
  • It offers on an individual basis the POP access.
  • Conducting fast email searches is possible in this email account.
  • There are fast methods to find images and to structure the information of the social network.
  • The interface of the email is simple and the users can easily locate their folders or messages required.
  • Creating IMAP access through Hotmail account to different internet directories is possible.