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By | March 10, 2017

Hotmail remains to be among the premier email services. It was the first ever web-based free mail application which gave people the chance to be free from the hassles of ISP-based subscription mail services. When you create Hotmail account, you can enjoy a lot of exciting features and benefits.

Create Hotmail Account – Guide to sign up

  1. Open a web browser. Type or and click enter. You will be directed to the official homepage. Hit the Sign Up button.
  2. The sign up form for Hotmail will appear on the screen. Fill in each required field for you to create Hotmail account.
  • Birth date – Pick a valid birth date in the respective fields.
  • Gender – Choose your gender from the corresponding drop down menu.
  • Region/Country – Choose your country from the corresponding drop down menu.
  • Password – Your password should have at least 8 characters with a minimum of two lower case or upper case or numbers or symbols and this is case sensitive.
  • Username – Pick a unique username. Take note that this one is not case sensitive.
  • Name – It is a must to enter your name. Make sure that you key in your last name and first name in the respective fields.

create hotmail account register

How to secure your account?

For your Hotmail account to be more secure, you will have to fill in the fields below with the correct details.

  • Alternative Email Address – Add an alternative email address different from your Microsoft account. It is also a recovery option and a password reset information will be sent to this alternative email address.
  • Country Code – Choose your country code from the corresponding drop down menu.
  • Phone Number – Enter a valid phone number. This will be used as recovery option so you can recover your password in the event that you lose it.
  • Once you are done filling up the sign up form, click Create Account and you’ll redirect to the inbox.

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Features and Benefits to Enjoy When You Create Hotmail Account

There are some benefits and features which come with creating a Hotmail account. Whatever domain you use to log in to your Hotmail account, Hotmail email’s free service will remain the same. The current storage capacity is expanded from the earlier offer to the users. Other benefits and features you can take advantage of when you create Hotmail account include the following:

  • There are now improved security features.
  • There is a Pop access on an individual basis.
  • Conduct quick searches using the email account.
  • Fast methods can be used to search for images and structure social network information.
  • Email interface is simple, giving users the chance to locate the folders or messages they want.
  • Create an IMAP access to various internet directories using your Hotmail account.

You can also find a better scanning facility. Hotmail also made sure that it will be easier for you to locate spam, phishing attempts and viruses. This gives you an opportunity to find your emails under a more private and secure environment. Create Hotmail account today to enjoy these and more.

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