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By | February 28, 2017

Signing into your Hotmail account using the username and password is possible on the Outlook site. In 2013, Microsoft ceased the Hotmail services and its users were upgraded to Outlook. However, if you are experiencing trouble with Hotmail sign in or login Hotmail account, you may use the guide on troubleshooting and consider the Outlook help page or contact customer support.

Troubleshoot Guide With Outlook

  • Visit Outlook and in your browser type the URL of outlook, press enter. Even if you go to the Hotmail page, you are redirected by Microsoft to the sign-in page of Outlook.
  • Enter information such that you type the email address of Hotmail and password with correct spaces, press enter. Once this is done, the Hotmail information will be available as the Outlook opens. Yet, if you are unable to log into the Hotmail information, click on Forgot Password and try entering your information or contact for support.
  • After Hotmail sign in look for the inbox and folders to the left. You can find everything here as Microsoft has transferred all the information. On completing your email checking, click on the username that is seen on the screen top right corner and click sign out.

About Hotmail

Hotmail is a free email online services that the users can access using Hotmail from anywhere from their web browser. The only change is that it is now Hotmail through Outlook.

In 1996 Hotmail was launched and was known as HoTMaiL emphasizing the aspect of HTML. IN 1997, it was acquired by Microsoft and in 2012, August, it was renamed as

Hotmail to Outlook

Initially, the Hotmail launch had free accounts features that enhanced virus scanning, spam filters, and storage up to 250 MB. Hotmail users was provided with an address book and a calendar as Microsoft acquired this service of email.

Today it is Outlook offering unlimited free storage, mobile access, spam filtering, connections to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, built-in search, and Twitter.

Users of Hotmail can access free web apps of Microsoft office to view, share and edit office documents without the need for downloading it on handheld devices or computer.

Hotmail Sign Up – Complete guide for newbies

  1. To create a new Hotmail account, go to “”. On this site, you will get the sign in options at the page bottom showing a “Sign up now” button taking you to a new window.
  1. In the sign-up page, there are many boxes to fill up providing with correct information in their boxes. It is simple and so you will easily know to fill as it contains your basic information.
  1. Give your First and Last name in the “Name” box, as the first step.
  1. Fill personal information such as age, name, and gender. The basic information is required to create a password. Bear in mind to keep at least 8 characters password and for added security, you may add numbers in the password.
  1. Select from the drop down box the birth date. In the gender box, select the gender Male or Female and after gender selection, click on the button the “Next”.
  1. Take convenient time to fill the required contact information, regardless of whether you are a new user or existing user who forgot your password. You may be required to provide your phone number as well. This allows you in changing the password to new or even to select a question for security.
  1. After all the information filling, you must prove you are human by filling the Captcha numbers.

On completing these, there will be two links to Terms of service and privacy policy at the page bottom. You just have to click ‘I agree’ and complete the Hotmail account creating process. Finally, now the Hotmail account is created and you can receive emails. Now that the account is created, the next step is to access the account.

Hotmail Sign in – Login to Hotmail inbox

If you already have an Hotmail account created successfully but are unable to get a proper guide to Hotmail sign in for the account created, you make follow these steps that ensure you easy Hotmail login.

  • As the first step goes to ‘’ again if you wish to log into your Hotmail account.
  • In the web page, you have to enter your username and password in their respective field boxes.
  • On giving your respective username and password, click on ‘Sign In’ button.
  • Remember to click on ‘Keep me signed in’. This ensures your account is directly logged from your PC anytime and thus saves time with each visit.

Hotmail sign in login to inbox

These are the steps to follow to login and now to check Hotmail login history. These steps help you in knowing if unknown people or strangers are accessing your Hotmail, even before you see it. Here are few steps that will let you receive notification on the number of times in a day your Hotmail account was opened.

How To Check Hotmail Login History?

  1. Firstly go to the inbox account of your Hotmail and you will see the inbox has your emails and there are other settings that can be done.
  1. Click on your name that appears on your screen top right corner. On doing this, you get to account settings.
  1. Select ‘Account Settings’, click on it and the ‘Security and Privacy’. On clicking, you will be taken to a new page showing few more options.
  1. In this new web page, there is ‘see my recent activity’ and click on it. After that, give your user id and you will receive in your email a code.
  1. Once this is set, you can see the date, time and place where and when your account is accessed or is being tried to access. Thus, you can know is someone is trying to access without your permission your Hotmail account.

Hotmail sign in offers security features as Gmail and also additional security features of Login history. Thus you are completely safe with Hotmail services. These are the simple steps to sign in, login in and secure history. In the case of any problem, contact immediately.

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