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By | February 28, 2017

One of the biggest email providers which can be accessed freely is Hotmail. Send unlimited emails and you can easily log off from your inbox with the help of Hotmail sign out option.

Hotmail belongs to the email which has already used by a lot of subscribers around the world. Those who have already used in the internet connection may have ever subscribed this email provider. This email provider belongs to one of the first web-based email services which are provided.

When you want to use the service of this free email provider, it is quite easy. All you need is just paying the subscription to the providers of ISP. This is a must when you want to enjoy the facilities which are given by this email provider.

In this chance, I would like to discuss the steps how to log out the Hotmail account. Do you want to know about this one? Here is the short description of Hotmail sign out steps.

Hotmail log out from

Like the other email providers, you need to log in your account when you want to use or enter the Hotmail account. When you want to log in the account, you need to fill your email address and its password. Both of them are needed for ensuring that your email account secure and safe. In this free email provider, you also need to log in first with the username or email address and its password.

When it comes to Hotmail, there are many changes which can be found since its first introductions. Because of those changes, some of the subscribers sometimes get confused when they want to sign in as well as signing off from their account.

Today, there are several ways which can be conducted when you want to sign out this free email provider. If you want to look for the article which discusses Hotmail sign out process, you are at the right site.

Hotmail Sign out – Log out from Hotmail/Outlook inbox

Step 1: The first step which can be conducted when you want to sign out or this free email provider is you need to make sure that you have already logged in your email account. you also need to ensure that you are on the home page of this email provider.

Step 2: After you have already stepped on the homepage of the email, you can look for the button of ‘welcome’.  The button usually also contain your photograph, so that I think it will be easy for getting the button. If you have already found it, you can click the button.

Step 3: The third step which can be conducted when you have already clicked the welcome button is you will see the pop-up menu in which there are three options which can be chosen, they are ‘edit profile’, ‘view account’ and  ‘sign out’.

Hotmail Sign out logout from outlook

Step 4: The last step which can be conducted is you can choose the sign out from the menu and you have already signed out from the account of Hotmail.

Those are the simple steps which can be conducted when you want to sign out the account of Hotmail. Through the short explanation above, Hotmail sign out will be easier.

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