Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting user with a strong privacy policy. However, it may not protect the users. The privacy will increase the participation of the user in website. We are introducing this privacy policy for information purpose. You can see what we gather regarding privacy policy. This policy also shows how we use the information of the users. It will tell you the disclosure of the information.

How we collect information?

Here, you can see the information and its usage of the same. We collect the following information.

We may collect or access information, websites, features, advertisements, contests, and others. However, we are not responsible for any legal actions from the third parties. It will be better if you read the entire privacy policy before using. We are not responsible for violation of any privacy policy of the third party advertisement providers.

Why we collect cookies?

Cookies are the small files stored on the computer. We use them to identify about your browser version and portable version. It will be stored in your computer for communicating with the servers. These cookies will be used only when you visit the website. It will be used to improve the quality of service of our website. Cookies are very helpful when it comes to monitoring a total number of users, active users on the website.

Cookies will be used to optimise the so you can expect high-quality contents in future. You don’t have to update your browser to get such experience. You don’t have to modify the settings to allow cookies because it is allowed by default. Cookies will be used to improve the interactive, personalized experience. By visiting and using, you agree our privacy policy and terms of use.

Why we collect Log Files?

Apart from the cookies we also collect some log files from the visitors. The log files contain some anonymous information of the visitors. This information is not limited. We also collect IP address, KWs, searches, browser type, history and more. These log files will be used to improved user experience like the cookies.

When you visit our website, you can see there are many third party ads on our website. These third-party ads will not collect any personal information of the users. There will be no stealing of name, email, address and phone numbers. However, these ads will promote their services and goods. You may find some interesting ads on our website. If you want to know more about the third-party website, you should visit those links. You should visit the network advertising for more relevant information.

What is the use of Analytics?

We may collect reports, analytics and other relevant browsing information from the users of Third party analytics companies can include cookies in However, this information will be terms, searches, web beacons, parameters, and another relevant message. It may or may not be used to improve the future experience of the users. We can deliver relevant content based on this analytics to identify individual users of

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