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By | February 28, 2017

Do you want to look for the ways of creating the account of Hotmail? If yes, you should be grateful for reading this article. When you want to create a new account of Hotmail, there are several steps which should be conducted. Before that, it is better for you to know www.hotmail.com. It belongs to the email provider which has been used for a long time by a lot of subscribers around the world.

As the time has flown, this email provider has undergone many changed. And one of the features which can be known in the latest version of Hotmail is the account will be connected to the Xbox Live, a service of instant messenger. The other line services which are introduced by Microsoft.

Hotmail or Outlook

All of those services are integrated into the single window Live Id. Besides that, there is also the feature of SkyDrive which can be useful for accessing the inbox of your mail. You can also access your files through your personal computer, smartphone, and the other devices which can be connected.

Those are several features which are going to be gained for the subscribers. Do you want to have a new account of Hotmail or Outlook? Here are some steps which can be conducted when you want to have the new Hotmail account.

www.hotmail.com – Creating a Hotmail account

  • The first step which can be conducted when you want to create the new account of Hotmail is you need to visit the official page of Hotmail in hotmail.com.
  • After you have already visited the official web page, there are two options which can be chosen. Sign in or sign up. If you want to create a new account of Hotmail, you can choose the sign up option. While choosing the sign up option, you will have a single MSN ID.
  • After that, you need to fill the sign up page. There are several spaces which should be fulfilled. These are the personal details of you and the standard security which should be filled if you want to continue registering the new account of Hotmail.

www.hotmail.com sign up page

  • After you have already filled all of the given spaces, you need to look for or choose your preferred username. This may belong to the tough part because there are a lot of subscribers of Hotmail. Therefore, you need to look for the username which is different from the other existed usernames.
  • Besides that, you should also choose the featured password before you want to sign in. You can choose the password which is not easy to be hacked.
  • There are several data which should be filled and the easiest part of the spaces which should be filled is choosing the gender of you. Besides that, there is your birthday, name and the others.
  • And then the end of the process, you are asked for agreeing to the terms and conditions before the process is complete.

You have already had the new account of Hotmail. If you want to sign in your account, you just need to visit www.hotmail.com and then you can fill your username and password.

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